In this part, we will create our backend service to integrate with the Google Cloud Notifications that we set up in Part 1. If you don’t have a Google PubSub topic that is configured with the Google Play Console, you need to go through the part 1 first.

  1. Set up a Cloud Pub/Sub using your own Google Cloud Platform (GCP) project — Part 1
  2. Create a topic — Part 1
  3. Allow Google Play to publish notifications to the topic — Part 1
  4. Tell your Google Play Console about your topic — Part 1

Link to Part 1:

Now for the…

Starting November 1st 2020, Google has made it mandatory for any developer offering in-app subscriptions to implement the Account Hold feature. I’ve spent the last week implementing it for my own application, following link after link to various pages of the documentation and I’ve decided to write this article for combining the entire process.

What is account hold?

If your application is offering subscriptions that renew after a certain amount of time, it is possible that a user’s credit card expires before the next renewal date. …

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